What is Content Strategy?

A good Content Strategy will uncover who buys from you and why. It will break down buyer personas, uncover your businesses value propositions, create offers that work, and outline the KPI’s that will be used to track and measure your progress and success.

At Capital Content, we’ll spend a half or full day with your team and will work to uncover and create all of these items and more.

  • Define business goals.
  • Uncover what makes you remarkable.
  • Define who your customers are and why they buy from you.
  • Conduct a website analysis to see what’s happening today.
  • Look at SEO and define a strategy that makes sense.
  • Outline the best social media strategy for your business.
  • Build a digital sales funnel.
  • Build a content calendar.
  • Develop KPI’s and metrics to measure progress and results.

Upon completion of the strategy session, Capital Content will deliver a custom Content Strategy Plan. This plan will act as the living document from which we’ll work to execute the elements above so that you can start reaching your content marketing goals. In addition to the half and full-day strategy sessions, Capital Content can also work on custom projects. CONTACT US to discuss your project needs and we will provide an hourly or project based quote.

With Capital Content, you get big agency results at half the cost with the personalized attention you deserve.

Professional Writers

The content idea is important, but writing and creating content which lends itself to inbound marketing best practices isn’t something most businesses are equipped to handle on their own. Capital Content employs skilled, creative, and technical writers who know how to write for digital marketing.

Collaborative Project Management Software

Keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to content marketing is what makes all the difference. While we’re good, we don’t know it all. We rely on our clients to be active participants on the team. Using tools that make collaboration easy will create transparency and makes for a better overall experience.

Nimble & Responsive

At capital Content, we double down on what’s working and scrap what isn’t. That means paying close attention to KPI’s and making moves in days and weeks, not months or years.

Strategy Session Special

We’re willing to put skin in the game and show you rather than tell you what a great content strategy can look like for your organization. Contact us using the form on this page and receive a 60% discount on your content strategy!

Capital Content Strategy and Consulting Services

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