Content Distribution

Creating awesome content is only half the battle. Once that content is created, it needs to get in front of your target audience and personas. Content distribution is all about getting your content in front of the right sets of eyes.

While Search Engine Optimization is one way to drive organic traffic to your site, over 80% of all content distribution happens through social media. Sites like Linkedin and Facebook make it easy for you to get your content out there to your clients and prospects. What’s even more powerful than getting your content red? Getting your prospects engaging with it. Social media platforms make it easy for readers to comment and start a dialogue about your content. Additionally, social sharing puts your content in front of other audiences you never even knew existed.

Capital Content can work with you to set up and distribute your content on the following social platforms:

Google +

Additionally, should your company decide to execute a Google Adwords/Pay-Per-Click campaign, Capital Content can help.

With Capital Content, you get big agency results at half the cost with the personalized attention you deserve.

Linkedin Groups

Linkedin is awesome, but Linkedin groups is even more powerful. We’ll work with you to discover which groups would benefit by receiving your content. There’s no better way to cement your company as an authority in your field than by publishing valuable articles to others in your industry.


Search Engine Optimization isn’t what it used to be. Layering key terms into valuable, relevant content will increase your search engine visibility faster than loading your web pages with key terms. In fact, Google penalizes those “term loading” pages and articles. They’re also rewarding those providing valuable content to their readers with better search engine positioning.

Guest Posting and Linking

Nothing makes your content more exponentially visible than having another site publish something you’ve authored. A blog written for and published by an industry association will be viewed by all of their readers, not just yours. Additionally, having content out there in the webverse linking back to your site will increase your search engine ranking.

Staying Organized

Capital Content’s collaborative editorial calendar software will keep everyone on the same page and same schedule when it comes to your company’s content distribution. Additionally, we’ll utilize other software to consolidate your tweets and RSS feeds.

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