What do Coffee, Pop Music, and Most Blogs Have in Common?

I’ve always said that coffee and pop music are similar in that they’ll both get you going, but contain zero nutritional value. The same can be said for a LOT of blogs in these content cluttered days. They all look the same, sound the same, and offer about the same amount of nutritional value to the reader – very little. You’ve seen them all:
3 ideas to improve your blog
6 ways to leverage SEO in your blog
5 mistakes you’re making with your blogs
All of the above will likely contain recycled, unoriginal ideas that were simply “borrowed” from the vast array of other blogs just like it.
Let’s face it, blogs are getting noisy. There’s a lot of crap out there which needs sifting through before anything of real value is uncovered. Here’s what we recommend to make your blogs more like a nutritious green smoothie and less like a cup of coffee.
smoothie blooging
Solve an Actual Problem for a Reader!
If your target persona is a purchasing manager who’s been tasked by his or her boss to save the company a million dollars in the next year, and you can help them accomplish this goal, do it! The blog should not read:
“3 Ways Purchasing Managers Can Save Thir Company Money This Year.”
It should read:
“Are You a Purchasing Manager Who has Been Tasked to Save Your Company a Million Dollars This Year? Advice on How You Can get it Done.”
People search for key terms and the web in general to solve problems. I feel like we’ve gotten too far away from that very basic concept in an effort to capture the “stumble upon” traffic.
Bring the Problem You’re Solving to the Top of the Article.
The standard format is to add a lengthy paragraph at the beginning of the blog peppered with key terms before diving into the meat of the article. If you’re offering 3 ways to leverage the experience of a distributor, give the reader the goods (in summary form) in the opening paragraph. As you know, most people don’t read the entire blog anyway. Then, detail out each of the points throughout the blog.
Don’t be Afraid of Being too Bold in Your Headline.
One of my clients has a goal to add indirect sales agents to their team this year. After trying (and failing) to schedule a lunch and learn for a group of prospective agents, it became clear that one of the fears of the person considering making the leap was being found out by their existing employer. So what’s the fix? A blog titled:
“Are You Interested in Becoming an Agent, but Afraid of Getting Fired For Looking?”
I could have said a bunch of different things, like, “3 ways Carrier Reps Can Feel Confident When Looking at Becoming an Agent,” or “How to Investigate Becoming an Agent While Flying Under the Radar.” I chose the most direct headline I could think of because of point #1. The goal is to solve a problem and their fear of getting fired is the problem.
If you’re writing content for your company, stick with the points above, giving special care to point #1, and you’ll be writing smoothie material in no time while your competitors are still doling out coffee.
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